Vertex has extensive experience in conducting Remediation System Optimization (RSO) of existing and conceptual remedial systems. Our experience includes both in-situ and ex-situ systems ranging from passive bioremediation to oxidation/reduction to aggressive multi-phase extraction.

System Experience

Vertex has direct experience in completing optimization programs for:

  • Pump & treat with a variety of treatment trains
  • Multiphase (MPE) and dual phase (DPE)
  • Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE)
  • Biosparging (BS)
  • Airsparge (AS)
  • Enhanced bioremediation programs
  • In situ chemical oxidation and reduction programs (ISCO & ISCR)
  • Ex-Situ Remediation (i.e. Biopiles)

The Vertex team provides our clients with support from project conception through financing to post-remediation analysis. When conducting a RSO, Vertex evaluates a variety of technical and financial parameters in order to develop more effective clean-ups. Goals of a RSO include:

  • Accelerated Site Closure – RSOs can identify prudent cost effective steps to more effectively treat contaminants using innovative technologies and/or more efficient system components.
  • Reduced O&M Costs – RSOs can identify cost effective steps to reducing monitoring, operation and treatment costs.
  • Reduced Liability – RSOs can aid in reducing potential liability associated with risks resulting from the impacts, both on- and off-site.
  • Reduced Liability – RSOs can modify treatment goals for a system directly impacting remedial timeframe and costs.
  • Increased removal/remediation with little capital investment.

Vertex combines strong theoretical understanding with practical experience to properly plan and implement the right remedial program for your site.

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