Remedial Design Services


The development of a proper remedial design is the first step in achieving a successful and cost-effective remediation program. After all, every site is different in terms of the type(s) of contaminant(s) present,
affected media, subsurface characteristics, constraints, risks, sensitivities, stakeholders, objectives, etc.

As one of Canada’s leading providers of remedial design services, particularly for complex sites where challenges make the solution difficult to envision, Vertex deals with these situations every day and can provide much-needed clarity and sound advice.

Our approach is simple. Vertex partners with environmental consultants and/or their clients to collaboratively develop a thorough understanding of the conditions, challenges and objectives for every
project. In the event of significant data gaps in site conditions or uncertainties in site response to treatment, Vertex can plan and undertake additional site characterization activities (such as using High-Resolution Site Characterization), or complete bench-scale treatability studies and/or pilot-scale testing to refine the remedial design.

Our professional engineers, hydrogeologists, chemists and other professionals then leverage their collective knowledge in selecting the appropriate technology (or technologies) and/or management strategy that will be the most effective in achieving the desired remedial outcome.

Vertex brings unparalleled technical expertise, experience, creativity and innovative technologies to site remediation challenges. This allows us to develop innovative, cost-effective, and successful remediation solutions. And we have the track record to prove it!

Bring your contaminated site challenge to Vertex. We will be happy to provide any of the following
remedial design services:

  • Screening-Level Evaluation
  • Detailed Design and Costing
  • Technical Peer Review
  • Expert / Legal Opinion

Selecting Vertex as your remedial design partner is the first step towards achieving your site remediation goals. Feel free to contact us today at

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