Residential Area in Quebec


Near a residential area in Quebec, an accidental release of petroleum hydrocarbons from a spill into the underlying groundwater and soil posed a risk to nearby water supply wells. Groundwater concentrations for selected PHCs included:

  • Benzene (maximum concentration of 146 μg/L)
  • Toluene (maximum concentration of 436 μg/L)
  • Xylene (maximum concentration of > 4,000 μg/L)

Scope of Work

Vertex staff:

  • Acquired all relevant permits to complete the remediation program
  • Designed and optimized an in-situ program to maximize treatment efficiencies
  • Implemented a program that minimized capital expenditures and infrastructure

The Vertex Approach

  • Chemical oxidation
  • Unconfined sand formation
  • Multiple applications
    • grassland, near residents
  • Injection of chemical oxidant
    • Activated Persulphate
    • Hydrogen peroxide activator
  • Injections completed using:
    • Vertical wells

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 4.45.43 PM



  • Over 30,000 L of oxidant solution delivered to impacted areas
  • Minimal disruption to nearby residents
  • Nearby structures not affected
  • Persulphate solution effectively distributed throughout impacts areas
  • Remediation objectives met for:
    • BTEX
    • F1 & F2
    • F3 & F4
  • Record of Site Condition Obtained


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