Sewer Discharge Agreements

Compliance permitting such as Municipal Sewer Discharge Agreements (SDAs) can be a time consuming process that can bring an entire project to a standstill. Vertex has successfully processed SDAs for many Municipal agencies such as Toronto Water, City of Hamilton and the City of Ottawa.

Why Vertex?

Vertex can process an SDA efficiently due to our experience working with Municipalities within Ontario. We know what is required and can ensure all aspects of the application package are complete to avoid rejection and delay.

My site has sanitary and storm exceedances, how does this affect my SDA?

Discharge water has the potential to be contaminated and would require pre-treatment prior to discharging into the Municipal Sewer. If the water quality exceeds standards, a treatment plan and design is required prior to issuing an SDA. With us on your side, we give you access to Vertex’s specialized water treatment division. Vertex will review your site’s water quality data and design/install a water treatment system that fits your site-specific needs.

We are with you the whole way…

Vertex can assist your Team throughout a projects development cycle. We will work with you to review drawings, design a pre-treatment system (if required), assemble a comprehensive application package and provide ongoing support for the duration of your discharge agreement.

Let Vertex be your guide to make the application process run as smooth as possible.

Ongoing Permit Compliance

Vertex has the ability to keep you compliance with Annual Flow Meter Calibrations and Annual Water Quality Sampling before the Toronto Water May 15th Deadline.