Case Study: Going Deep

Case Study: Going Deep

VEI Dewatering installing deep dewatering wells for a four level underground parking structure


In the bustling city of Toronto, a construction project for a new luxury condominium development presented a unique set of geological and engineering challenges. The project required excavating down for four levels of underground parking, necessitating the lowering of the static groundwater level by 7.5 meters down to a depth of 21 meters from the ground surface. The site’s geology comprised silty clay till interspersed with conductive sand and gravel seams, which required careful consideration in the project’s planning phase. After thorough review, it was determined that a deep-well extraction system was essential.

David Munro from VEI Dewatering looking pleased with one of his deep dewatering well installations


VEI Dewatering was hired to design and perform the work and successfully installed eight, 20 cm diameter, deep dewatering wells to the required depth, evenly spaced across the site. The strategic placement ensured the least impact to site operations and the most effective lowering of the water table as water could be efficiently pumped to the surface, collected in a perimeter header network, passed through a flow meter, and finally discharged into the sanitary sewer. No treatment component was necessary as the groundwater met the stringent criteria set by Toronto Water Sanitary Sewer.

Excavation progressed smoothly once the deep-well dewatering system was operational


The success of the project hinged on VEI Dewatering’s adherence to the schedule and diligent maintenance of the dewatering system through weekly operation and maintenance checks. Our expertise enabled the water table to be effectively lowered by 1 meter below the planned excavated depth for the underground parking structure, satisfying the project’s requirements. VEI Dewatering’s commitment to effective design and implementation ensured the completion of the scope of work without any delays, upholding the safety and professional standards expected by clients in this industry. This case study highlights the importance of selecting a contractor who can design, install and operate a dewatering system that suits each project’s specific needs.

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