Core Services

We are environmental contractors who remediate contaminated groundwater and soil.

One or more approaches are may be used. Our services include In-Situ Remediation, Ex-Situ Remediation, Air & Water Treatment Systems, and High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC).

Successful remediation may also require Detailed Design and Bench-Scale Testing. Industry knowledge is also shared through various Research and Education initiatives. Here’s how to best stay up to date with Vertex!

Our Services

From site evaluations to the design and implementation of various remedial plans; we provide a full suite of resources to meet your site’s needs.

In-Situ Remediation

Reduce environmental impacts with one of many cost effective in-ground remediation methods.

Ex-Situ Remediation

Treat soil sustainably on-site and avoid off-site soil disposal costs.

High Res Characterization

Obtain and plot data to understand contaminant distribution to make informed design decisions.

Water Treatment

Treat surface and groundwater contamination effectively using a variety of approaches.

Vapour Mitigation

Treat contaminated vapours in the subsurface, as a risk control measure and/or remediation.

Remedial Design

Review a variety of remedial options and technologies to design an optimized remedial plan.

Bench-Scale Testing

Complete treatability testing in our in-house laboratory before finalizing full-scale designs.

Education & Research

Stay up to date on the latest tools and technologies in the remediation industry.