Water Hauling

What to do with Accumulated Stormwater and Groundwater?

This a question that every construction project must consider. Often Sewer Discharge Agreements are the best solution for long duration projects or large quantities of accumulated water. But sometimes sewers discharge agreements are not available, or construction projects need to quickly get rid of accumulated water in a pinch. Water Hauling can fill this gap.

Water Hauling & Disposal

Hauling of stormwater and groundwater is a highly regulated area within the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP). Movement is tracked via a Waste Manifest that outlines the classification of the water, the quantity, where it has come from and where it’s going. This manifest must be properly tracked and returned to the MECP for filing.

Vertex processes hundreds of manifests per year and will ensure that your water is disposed of legally and with full regulatory compliance.


Focus on where you’re needed the most, the jobsite;
let Vertex work on the logistics.

Our relationships with numerous MECP approved waste haulers and facilities allows us to draw from a large pool of available trucks increasing response time and decreasing potential project delays. We coordinate directly with the Site and the haulers to ensure a timely and efficient process.

Give us a call, and let Vertex take care of the rest.

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