Rapid Results Enable Real Estate Sale


As part of a real estate transaction, a Vertex client was committed to treat a chlorinated ethane plume to below applicable Standards. Ethenes of concern included:

  • TCE
  • cis-1, 2-DCE
  • Vinyl chloride

The Vertex Approach

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 3.43.06 PMVertex experts designed a pilot scale program in order to determine the injection parameters necessary to address the plume, which measured 150m by 50m. The Vertex team used these results to optimize a highly-efficient and cost effective in-situ approach. The scope of their work included:

  • Acquiring all relevant permits
  • Administering a chemical oxidation program using permanganate
  • Monitoring pre and post-injection treatment parameters

Remediation of the plume was completed using direct placement methods and low-pressure injection into vertical wells. The program involved 54 injection wells, along with 58 temporary points.


The remediation plan achieved rapid results: objectives were met within a 6-month period and no on-going operation or maintenance costs were incurred.

A Record of Site Condition was obtained, enabling the sale of the property.


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