PCP in Western Canada

Vertex Environmental Inc. staff completed a remedial program for groundwater and soil impacted by pentachlorophenol (PCP) at a site in western Canada. Historical use of the biocide PCP at a wood preservation facility resulted in soil and groundwater impacts. The


Vertex Environmental Inc. staff have designed, constructed and operated a variety of systems to treat polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) within soil and groundwater. PAHs tend to be persistent within the subsurface resistent to biological treatment. Some PAHs such as benzo[a]pyrene

Heavy Metal Plume

As part of a real estate transaction, our client was committed to restoration a heavy metal plume to below the applicable Standards. The heavy metals of concern included: Copper (maximum concentration of 86 μg/L) Cobalt (maximum concentration of 210 μg/L)

Chromium Groundwater Plume

Vertex Environmental Inc. staff designed, constructed and maintained permeable reactive barrier (PRB) for the in-situ, passive treatment of a chromium (Cr) groundwater plume. The chromium plume represented an immediate risk to the surrounding environment as the groundwater was discharging to

MPE System in Woodstock

Vertex Environmental Inc. specializes in the design, implementation and optimization of remedial systems including multi-phase extraction (MPE) systems. Vertex staff designed, permitted, optimized and operated a MPE system in the Woodstock area for the containment and extraction of a mixed chlorinated solvent/petroleum hydrocarbon-impacted

Real Estate Transaction

As part of a real estate transaction, our client was committed to remediating chlorinated ethane impacts within the groundwater to below the applicable Standards. The concentrations of the compounds of concern were: 1,1,1-TCA (maximum concentration of 11,000 μg/L) 1,1-DCA (maximum concentration