Real Estate Transaction


As part of a real estate transaction, our client was committed to remediating chlorinated ethane impacts within the groundwater to below the applicable Standards. The concentrations of the compounds of concern were:

  • 1,1,1-TCA (maximum concentration of 11,000 μg/L)
  • 1,1-DCA (maximum concentration of 1,100 μg/L)

Scope of Work

  • Acquired all relevant permits to complete the remediation program.
  • Designed and optimized an in- program to maximize treatment efficiencies.
  • Implemented a program that minimized capital expenditures and infrastructure.
  • Monitored pre- and post-injection treatment parameters.

The Vertex Approach

  • Enhance existing natural attenuation processes already occurring
    • Reductive dechlorination
  • Temporary injection points
  • Injections under moderate pressure
  • Injection of multiple reactive compounds
    • > 1,250 kg of EHC & EHC-A
  • Injections completed using direct push
  • Grid of 27 injection points



  • Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.45.46 PMSuccessful installation of a reactive zone via injection
  • Hydrogen generating conditions created:
    • Redox decreased 500 mV within one week
    • pH remained neutral
    • Long-term reactive zone created with zerovalent iron
  • Concentration reductions after 1 injection:
    • 1,1,1 TCA – 74%


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