Heavy Metal Plume


As part of a real estate transaction, our client was committed to restoration a heavy metal plume to below the applicable Standards. The heavy metals of concern included:

  • Copper (maximum concentration of 86 μg/L)
  • Cobalt (maximum concentration of 210 μg/L)
  • Nickel (maximum concentration of 350 μg/L)

Scope of Work

  • Acquired all relevant permits to complete the remediation program.
  • Designed and optimized an in- program to maximize treatment efficiencies.
  • Implemented a program that minimized capital expenditures and infrastructure.
  • Monitored pre- and post-injection treatment parameters.

The Vertex Approach

  • Sulphate reduction
  • Three injections under moderate pressure
  • Injection of multiple compounds
    • > 600 kg of EHC-M
    • Reactive gas
  • Injections completed using:
    • Direct push
    • Packer and gas delivery system
    • Direct Placement


  • Sulphate reducing conditions within 5 days
  • Remediation objectives meant:
    • Copper (within 10 days of injection)
    • Cobalt (within 55 days of injection)
    • Nickel (within 139 days of injection)
  • Record of Site Condition Obtained


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