Demonstration Day 2022

Demonstration Day 2022

Thanks to everyone who came out to the joint Vertex Environmental and Strata Drilling Group Demonstration Day held on October 21, 2022!  We held the inaugural one last year in Kitchener, but not everyone who wanted was able to attend, so we decided to hold another one this year in the GTA.

The weather was perfect and once again there was a great turnout which allowed us to reconnect with everyone in person!  By all accounts it sounded like everyone had a good time and really enjoyed the demonstrations of the various technologies that can be used towards site remediation and risk management.

Here are some photos of the day to give you a feel for what it was like.


The weather was perfect and there was a great turnout of people interested to learn.


Smiling faces were there to greet the guests upon arrival.


A food truck provided a free lunch for everyone in attendance.


Which helped to facilitate some interesting discussions and networking over lunch.


The construction dewatering and water treatment system team were out in full force.


So was Vertex’s in-house bench-scale and treatability testing laboratory crew.


One of our custom-built injection trailers, this one for Trap & Treat® amendments, was on display.


So was an actual in-situ demonstration of High Resolution Site Characterization technology.


The well point dewatering system explanation proved to be quite interesting to many.


As was the on-site demonstration of the steps needed to install and test a vapour barrier.


Different types of bench-scale and QA/QC testing that can be completed were explained.


Strata Drilling and GroundTech Solutions had many different drill rigs on display.


And, finally, a new demonstration on in-situ treatment methods for PFAS compounds was unveiled!


All in all we enjoyed the day as much as those in attendance!



Thanks again for coming out and making this day another success! We hope you all enjoyed yourselves and perhaps even learned something new!

The Vertex Environmental team