Vertex Environmental’s Open House and Demonstration Day

Vertex Environmental’s Open House and Demonstration Day

Thanks to everyone who came out to Vertex Environmental’s Open House and first ever Demonstration Day held on October 22, 2021!

It was so nice to see everyone…in person!  The turnout was great, the food was great, and it sounded like everyone really enjoyed the demonstrations of the various technologies that can be used towards site remediation and risk management.

A big thanks to Strata Drilling Group for bringing out a Geoprobe drill rig to assist with our live High Resolution Site Characterization demo, and for also helping with the food costs so everyone could enjoy a free lunch!

Based upon positive feedback we hope to do the Demonstration Day again next year in the spring at a location closer to the GTA.  Stay tuned for more information on that upcoming event.

Here are some photos of the day to give you a feel for what it was all about.


The new headquarters of Vertex Environmental

The new headquarters of Vertex Environmental


Bruce Tunnicliffe was (as usual) the Master of Ceremonies


There was a great turnout of attendees for Demo Day – over 100 in total!


Learning about Soil Vapour Barrier installation steps


Demonstration on smoke testing for Soil Vapour Barriers


Wellpoint Dewatering and Water Treatment System station


Different Filter Media Vessels used in Water Treatment Systems


High Resolution Site Characterization demonstration of the MiHPT probe


Strata Drilling Group and one of their Geoprobes assisted with the HRSC demonstration


Different types of mixing and injection trailers made up the In-situ Remediation demo


A demonstration of the pressure used to inject Trap & Treat® BOS 100® and BOS 200®


SiREM stopped by to talk about enhanced anaerobic biodegradation using KB-1®


Because we couldn’t bring a project site to our yard, the Ex-Situ Soil Remediation division put on a slide show of representative projects.


Ex-situ soil segregation in its various forms was presented


As well as typical Ex-Situ Soil Remediation using Biopiles


Vertex’s in-house bench-scale testing laboratory never looked so clean!


Different types of bench-scale and QA/QC testing that can be completed were explained


Lunch was catered by the Lancaster Smoke House food truck


The day was cool, but the rain held off and everyone enjoyed their free lunch


Thanks again for coming out and making this day a success!  See you next year…


The Vertex Environmental team