This is what the future of in-situ PFAS remediation looks like!

This is what the future of in-situ PFAS remediation looks like!

Announcing the world’s first injection of FLUORO-SORB® Adsorbent!

FLUORO-SORB® Adsorbent (FLUORO-SORB®) is already considered the gold standard for treating PFAS-impacted sites via soil mixing and direct placement application approaches. There are now injectable versions of FLUORO-SORB®. Pilot-scale injection testing was completed last fall in Kentucky by AST Environmental, proving that FLUORO-SORB® could be mixed with potable water and injected as a particulate suspension using proprietary technology.

Earlier this year, we announced a preferred installer agreement with CETCO®, the manufacturer of FLUORO-SORB®. Now Vertex Environmental has completed the world’s first injection of FLUORO-SORB® at a site in northern Alberta to treat a mobile plume of PFAS in groundwater.

Post-injection verification monitoring is currently underway to assess the effectiveness and longevity of the treatment. Based on advantages of FLUORO-SORB® over powdered and colloidal activated carbon-based products and the need for a sustainable alternative to expensive, long-term, on-going pump and treat systems, expectations are high that this will become the new standard in the in-situ management of PFAS-impacted in groundwater.

Working together, Vertex Environmental, AST Environmental and CETCO® provide clients with a turn-key solution for installing FLUORO-SORB® in environmental remediation settings where deployment of conventional construction equipment is not optimal and/or feasible. Reach out to us today at to speak about how to treat PFAS plumes at your site. There are now better options available to you!