Record-Setting SMART Remediation 2023 Recap!

Record-Setting SMART Remediation 2023 Recap!

This year, SMART Remediation hosted its 39th and 40th events in Canada and was very happy to be back fully in-person after a couple of long, challenging years and it surely seemed that the attendees were looking forward to being back in-person as well!  So much so, that both events held in the GTA and Ottawa this year had record numbers of people turn out to take in the day!

In fact, our enthusiastic MC, Bruce Tunnicliffe, couldn’t help but be proud of the record turnouts and shared some statistics of attendance over the years:



But then things quickly took a competitive turn:


Before ending on this note of good-natured rivalry by asking the question of whether Ottawa or Toronto was better:



Below we wish to thank all of those who came out in person to attend this year, provide a brief recap, and highlight some of the interesting presentations that attendees enjoyed this year.



As usual, all of the talks were very interesting and well-received! Just to highlight a few, attendees watched talks including:

  • PFAS in Canada: A Legal Perspective on the “Forever Chemicals” – Laws, Guidelines, and Practical Considerations presented by Jacquelyn Stevens, Matthew Gardner, Charles Birchall and Anand Srivastava of Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP
  • Excess Soils – What’s Next? presented by Grant Walsom of XCG Consulting Limited
  • Environmental Financing – What I’ve Seen in 23 Years at the Bank & Predictions for the Future presented by James Evans of Geosyntec Consultants International, Inc.
  • Leveraging Your CSM to Develop Successful Bedrock Remediation Approaches – Concepts & Case Studies presented by Julie Konzuk and Leah Mackinnon of Geosyntec Consultants International, Inc.
  • Case Studies – Using Environmental Insurance to Facilitate Brownfield Development presented by Carl Spensieri of Berkley Canada
  • Innovative In-Situ Remediation Approach to Treat PFAS-Impacted Groundwater (Pilot Scale Design and Implementation) presented by Matt Pourabadehei of SNC-Lavalin
  • Curtain Walls, Sub-slab Depressurization, and Chemical Barriers – Building a CVOC Prison presented by Samuel Lingwood of Pinchin
  • Advancing In-Situ Remediation: Three Recent Case Studies presented by Kevin French of Vertex Environmental
  • A Developer’s Perspective – All the Pieces of the Puzzle presented by Shannon Adams of Canderel
  • Plus, many more…


The full agendas are available on-line here, and PDFs of the talks from both events are now available here and can be accessed by clicking on the links beside each of the speakers’ names.

One of the key features of SMART Remediation, apart from the excellent informative and educational, are the networking breaks. This year Vertex’s Demo Corner made another appearance and the attendees also enjoyed talking to all of the event sponsors who were out in force.



Thank you to all who attended and supported the record-breaking 2023 SMART Remediation events this year! We look forward to seeing you again (and hopefully setting new records) in 2024!

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