Groundwater Treatment for New Constructions

Groundwater Treatment for New Constructions

In February of this year, Nathan Lichti of Vertex presented a talk at the virtual SMART Remediation event entitled: “A Treatment Plant in Your Building Basement? The Evolution of Groundwater Treatment for New Constructions”. One of the interesting revelations presented in that talk was the prevalence of site drainage water issues caused by naturally-occurring manganese – encountered at more than 90% of sites in the GTA!

Sites where groundwater exceeds the storm sewer discharge standards for manganese

A few years ago, you may recall another newsletter of ours entitled: “The Manganese Menace: Real (Not Phantom)”. You can read that newsletter here. Well manganese is, if anything, proving to be a lingering menace.

This all relates to relatively recent changes made to the City of Toronto sewer use bylaw. Any water that has not been purchased from the City and requires discharge to the municipal sewer system, including storm water and groundwater, is classified as “private water” and requires written approval from the City prior to discharge.

Our Water Treatment Systems Division commonly encounters sites that don’t meet these discharge criteria and require pre-treatment to allow drainage water to be discharged to the sewer. Failing to meet the sewer discharge standards can result in loss of a project’s permit to discharge water from the site. The last thing any developer, owner or property manager wants for their site is the inconvenience and cost of a convoy of vacuum trucks constantly hauling away groundwater to a treatment plant! There is a better way to manage this issue.

You can view or download the Nathan’s presentation “A Treatment Plant in Your Building Basement? The Evolution of Groundwater Treatment for New Constructions” below:

Alternatively, feel free to contact us at if you would like a live (virtual) presentation on this topic from Nathan. We’d be more than happy to assist you in taming the manganese menace or any other water treatment problems you may have!