Mike Gawel

Mike Gawel

Mike Gawel - May 27 2004

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Mike Gawel has been with Vertex for 10 years (as of May 3rd). He joined the company in 2004 before Vertex was even 1 years old, and he has been involved in all aspects of Vertex ever since. He is the first employee to reach this milestone within the company!

Thanks so much Mike for all your hard work over the years.

Mike is obviously a big player within Vertex. This month’s Feature Article below talks about some advice we have received recently from some big players on the world stage.

Before we get to that, consider this timeline:

  • Mike started on Vertex job #3. We’re now approaching job 500!
  • Our tools consisted of my personal tools and Mike’s personal tools combined. Our injection equipment consisted of two pressure tanks, some hoses, and when needed, a rental Budget cube van.
  • We didn’t have a web site.
  • When Mike started the TV show Friends was still airing new episodes.
  • Facebook had just launched, and Mike Gawel and Mark Zuckerberg had the same net worth.
  • A baby born on May 3, 2004 would be attending grade 5 now ☺
  • When Mike started the Leafs hadn’t won the cup since 1967.
  • When Mike started Spiderman 2 was playing in theatres.

Maybe some things haven’t changed…

We found one of the first photos of Mike, working on Vertex job #4, in Brantford. This picture was taken on May 27, 2004, just a few weeks after he started. Mike was smiling then, and he’s still smiling now! Note also the pen in his ear, he still carries a pen in his ear!

If you get the chance, please congratulate Mike on his success over 10 years of work.