Bedrock Drinking Water Well Protected


At a trailer park in Eastern Ontario, two tanks released heating oil into the underlying unconsolidated and fractured rock.

Though much of the affected overburden was excavated, a petroleum hydrocarbon plume and associated free phase remained in the fractured bedrock, endangering the park’s water supply with BTEX, F1 to F4 and free phase up to 3cm thick.

The Vertex Approach

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 5.03.11 PMVertex was selected to design and optimize a cost-effective and highly efficient in-situ chemical oxidation process to remediate the remaining spill. Their knowledgeable team proceeded to:

  • Acquire all relevant permits
  • Complete multiple in-situ chemical oxidation injections using injection wells and push-pull hydraulics
  • Treat all free product

Over 5,400kg of RegenOx was administered via 66,700L of oxidant solution delivered to impacted areas.


The Vertex team effectively protected the down gradient drinking water well with no quality issues. Groundwater was treated to drinking water quality within 15 months, without interrupting or displacing the surrounding tenants.


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