Remediate a Former Fuel Storage Facility


Vertex staff were retained to remediate a former fuel storage facility that was impacted by free product petroleum hydrocarbons. The hydrocarbons had a specific gravity less than water (i.e. LNAPL) and was characterized as being a mixture of diesel and gasoline. The free product was situated within a fractured limestone aquifer and was located within 500 m of a regional groundwater supply well.

Scope of Work

  • Acquired all relevant permits to complete the remediation program
  • Complete a mass balance calculation to estimate volume of mobile and residue free product within subsurface
  • Designed and optimized a free product removal program based on utilizing pneumatic skimmers

The Vertex Approach

  • Complete estimation of free product in ground
  • Review water and product level relationship
  • Install pneumatic skimmer array
  • Conducted pilot scale testing evaluating efficiency of product removal within different fracture zones
  • Optimized placement of skimmers depending on seasonal fluctuations in water level
  • Evaluated low vacuum enhancement to improve extraction rates on seasonal fluctuations in water level


  • Greater than 600 L of product removed over a 6- month time frame
  • Worked with consultant to design and implement a comprehensive remedial plan
  • Nearby residents not impacted


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