In-Situ Trap & Treat® Injection Satisfies Ministry Standards


Location: Industrial in Greater Toronto Area Contaminant: Chlorinated ethenes and ethanes
Concentration: Dissolved phase groundwater impacts (up to 1,000 ug/L)
Formation Type: 3.0 m thick layer of saturated silty sands, above limestone bedrock

Historic industrial activities resulted in two separate chlorinated volatile organic compound (cVOCs) plumes in the groundwater at the site. Groundwater flow was towards a creek along the western property boundary. An upcoming property transaction (in <6 months) required treatment of the groundwater impacts to meet the stringent Ministry Generic standards.

The Vertex Approach

Trap & Treat® BOS 100® was selected due to the short time frame (<6 months) and stringent Ministry standards.

Working with the consultant, Vertex completed the following:

  • Acquired all relevant permits to complete the in-situ remediation program.
  • Injected 5,400 lbs of BOS 100® into a grid of 135 temporary points over 14 days onsite.
  • Spread out the injection over 2 months to allow for consultant interim sampling.
  • Adjusted injection program based on pilot-test results and interim sampling feedback.


  • Site remediation completed within the short time frame.
  • All cVOCs impacts treated to Ministry standards, including vinyl chloride down to the 1.7 ug/L generic standard.
  • Real-estate transaction successful.


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