Introducing the new environmental remediation disruptor technology that is sweeping the industry by storm: TTR®

Introducing the new environmental remediation disruptor technology that is sweeping the industry by storm: TTR®

The presence of petroleum hydrocarbon (PHC) light, non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) at contaminated sites is not uncommon but usually is very problematic. Often times it is inaccessible and proves difficult to remove from the subsurface, prevents Risk Assessments (RAs) from being filed, or represents a significant reservoir of contaminant mass that makes many in-situ treatment technologies prohibitively expensive.

Traditional remedial approaches have typically included excavation or physical extraction via multi-phase extraction (MPE) or other systems. Vertex has developed a novel breakthrough in LNAPL remediation technology that not only continuously and effectively removes contamination from the subsurface, but also immediately improves the attractiveness of your site.

TTR®, or Tiki Torch Remediation®, combines two proven and powerful technologies to remediate LNAPL sites: oliophilic well wicks and thermal combustion of PHCs. Traditional monitoring wells are installed in strategic locations throughout the plume. Special attention is paid to also ensure that the wells are configured in an aesthetically pleasing pattern. The wells are then instrumented with patented TTR® well wicks, topped with one of several designer Tiki Torch heads, and lit. LNAPL is continuously drawn up the wicks and pleasantly combusted above grade.

Ideal for sites in residential areas, the TTR® approach immediately relaxes neighbours with the warm glow and the comforting knowledge that something is finally being done to remediate that contaminated site. TTR® requires no on-going energy inputs and is even compatible with other green technologies such as EFW (energy from waste). But wait – there’s more! Depending on the number of installations and the flash point of the LNAPL, TTR® can also be used for security lighting at no additional cost.

But don’t take our word for it, we reached out a couple of our many satisfied clients to ask their opinion. Peele Island Environmental’s scientist Ms. Sandy Beach offered “The TTR® approach not only removed PHCs from my client’s site preventing their continued migration into the lake, but also offered continuous night time lighting. My client has since set up a lake-side restaurant which has more than paid for the TTR® upfront cost.” Mr. Reg Oyce of Jubilee Engineering quipped “Our office is a brownfield, we installed the novel Tiki Torch Remediation® wells to clean up our property as well as educate our junior remediation engineers and staff. I find staff working late, basking in the playful light while enjoying the thrill of continuous and sustainable PHC remediation.”

Don’t delay one minute longer! Contact Vertex today to ask if TTR® is right for your site. The experts at Vertex would be more than happy to reveal the fallacy that is TTR® and propose a real and effective strategy to suit your remediation goals. Happy April Fool’s Day!