Vertex has Three New Owners!

Vertex has Three New Owners!


Left to right: Mike Gawel, Nathan Lichti, Bruce Tunnicliffe and Kevin French.

Earlier this year Bruce Tunnicliffe, founder of Vertex, welcomed three new partners into Vertex.

Mike Gawel, Director of Field Operations, has been with Vertex for over 10 years, and is involved in almost every aspect of our field work and shop. Mike has helped to shape Vertex from the very start and continues to shape the character and operations of Vertex.

Nathan Lichti, head of our Treatment Systems Division, joined Vertex over 7 years ago, and has managed some of our most difficult remediation projects including our systems work and international work.

Kevin, Vice President, has been with Vertex for more than 2 years, and has 25 years in the environmental industry. Kevin is truly knowledgeable when it comes to planning remediation strategy on a project, and with the technical aspects of remediation. A rare character indeed!


“As a new owner, I take particular pride in working alongside the great group of professional people we have at Vertex both office and field. I look forward to an excellent future, and remember to “stay positive or stay at home.”
Mike Gawel

“Working at Vertex is very exciting, I enjoy the challenges, the people, and the incredible opportunities provided to us by our clients. Becoming an owner of Vertex will allow me to further expand and improve this innovative company.”
Kevin French

“We are always tackling challenging issues at Vertex. It’s very rewarding, particularly as an owner, to develop and implement novel solutions to fit your clients’ needs.”
Nathan Lichti